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I seriously can not stop smiling........

According to this, JKR changed her mind about Ron and Hermione.

I probably need to re-read the books again (which would then be my 4th time I think?), but aside from some details here and there, I was satisfied with everyone's development. With the fandom not as active anymore, I don't know what public wank can  development from this. And even so, I'm still not sure how much I'd care. We all grow and change. JKR wouldn't be the first artist to look back on their body of work and think they could have done better.


Feb. 3rd, 2014 04:13 am (UTC)
For me, if there's any relationship that should have been developed better, it would be Harry and Ginny. And I love them as well. I was never dissatisfied with R/H, though I probably need to re-read the books again now that I'm older with more life experience.

Seriously though, I've been smiling non-stop for the last hour going on tumblr and other parts of fandom reading up on reactions. The fandom is back! XD
Feb. 3rd, 2014 05:30 am (UTC)
Oh, IA, that R/Hr was better developed than H/G, although I like H/G (and I like R/Hr, too). With R/Hr, my early opinion was colored by the movies, and even with the books, I would have been happier seeing a bit more of Ron's feelings for Hermione before the hospital scene in HBP, IIRC. And the movies made it seem like Harry and Hermione had a closer friendship than Ron and Hermione, IMO, so my love of the friendship upgrade trope was pinged more by H/Hr, until I read the books and thought about the differences between the books and the movies, and then I'm like, either way, I'm happy, friendship upgrade wise.

Tonks/Lupin is probably my favorite canon ship (it's the only one I seem to have an icon for, that wound up being mutual), and even with that, I'd have liked to see more, but it was good enough to get the gist. The new info, in Lupin's backstory on Pottermore, improved the bolstering, IMO. It's stuff like a bit more character insight, that I wanted to see more of, for most ships, and thought could have been reasonably added, somewhere. Esp. for H/G since it involves the main POV character, so IA, that one could have used the most additional bolstering.