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So....what's new?

This fandom is 20+ years and on going.  I'm still kicking it even though the magic disillusioned a long time ago. It's almost the end of another decade. With everything going in the world within the last few years, I'm pretty sure our politics have evolved even further. Who knows where we're at now. And In regards to more recent JKR news, all my favs are still problematic. Let your heroes die.

Still, I hope you're doing well. 
Ron and Hermione

In response to my last post.....

In now old news, everything continues to be a sham. Nothing has ever been sacred.

While I'm here, in regards to today's political climate in being more criticle of behaviors in love, dating, assault, and just overall assholeish behavior, I'm reminded of how intense the Snape debates were back in the day. Folks who I didn't fully agree with because I thought they were being a little harsh, I now understand better. They had this down all along. It's only been a little more than a decade since Book 7 and I can already see elements of the story not aging that gracefully. As much I still love these characters and always will, whatever glory they gained in fandom within the last 20 years won't either.
Ron and Hermione

I regret my childhood misdeeds (sometimes)........

Times like this I feel I've come full circle and realize how much older I am. Gone are the days where we would rant, rave, and fight with people about all the shenanagins in this fandom. Some of us still do it, but on different platforms with a whole different approach. JKR, who I still love, has done some problematic things *Cough*TheEntireBackstoryToIlvermorny*Cough* that I wish she would at the very least acknowledge. I can't even ship Snape and Lily anymore because we recognize problematic behavior a little better now than a decade ago, and I've known enough teenage Snape's in my years since and I hate all of them. Looking back, I realize that ship was more of a result of me dealing with Harry Potter ending and looking for another big thrill to excite me (hence what lead to reading Twilight, dear lord.....). Harry Potter is and always will be the love of my life of book series. Like that first love from your teen years you've managed to still be friends with in your 30's. You still care deeply for one another and catch up from time to time, but you've grown too much for anything to work out like that again. And this fandom is the small town you both came from that you still visit, but can't look at the same way anymore.

Anyway, the whole point of this is that I almost cried reading this article and a little guilty for all times we mocked "My Immortal." I wish nothing but love for Rose Christo, and look forward to reading her story.

In Under the Same Stars, Rose Christo comes clean about My Immortal through a heart-wrenching tale about her time in the New York foster system.

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This feels like hell.....

With Russia hacking U.S. government and LJ being transferred to Russian servers, I'll take this time to welcome my new overlords to my page. I hope you you'll enjoy my past ramblings from a 20 something college student over the politics of Harry Potter and getting into fights with middle aged white women (and maybe one fuckboy) over Snape.

Speaking of politics, I haven't been the same since November. What's giving me some relief is that the rest of the world seems as disgusted as I am, week after week of protests against the shitshow that won't stop, and that the rest of the world is seeing it. I'm hoping that gives us some credibility since we lost all of it at the election.

And J.K. Rowling pissing off Trump fans on Twitter. That's giving me life too.

And a HELLO to anyone still reading this. I'm so sorry for what we've done.

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Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

The impossible happened. We have the closest thing to an 8th Harry Potter book. Midnight release and all. It was a miracle. I'm currently breaking my record of the fastest time it takes me to read an HP book only because plays are shorter and easier reads. Full length plays take me about an hour and half, and this contains 2.

That said, this is most bizzarre play I've ever read. O_o

And a big hello/ long time no talk to anyone still here. Prepare for this fandom to to implode once again if it hasn't already. 
Sev and Lily

More Throwbacks: The Real Ghostbusters

Long story short, for the first time in 25 years, I've rewatched all the episodes of The Real Ghostbusters. Also for the first time, in chronological order now that everything is on Youtube. I remembered all over again how much this show meant to me. If Harry Potter and my other favorite stories were past relationships, this show was my first love (well, it was more like Peter Venkman, but whatever). All the strong mixed feelings I have can be found on my TV/Movie Blog here along with a bunch of random posts I have while watching the series.

With that said, I'm so glad Ghostbuster's never made it big enough for fandom to jump on Livejournal back in the 00's. I would not be able to handle the wank. I only say that because when it comes to Peter Venkman, I can give Snapewives a run for their money. It would not be pretty.